Monday, December 03, 2007


Miss Conduct -- The other day I saw a young woman (late teens, early 20's) approach the entrance of a store at the same time as an older woman (late 60's). Maybe it's just me, but I was shocked the young woman opened the door and walked in ahead of the older woman. She didn't even hold the door open long enough for the older woman to walk in.

Miss Fortune -- A woman in Kansas decided to learn how to build a web page. For practice, she designed a mock website that sold tumbleweeds. That was a few years ago. Today, she earns around $40,000 a year. Not designing web pages, but selling tumbleweeds.

Miss Application -- My daughter is looking for a job. Ok, at least that's what she says. I mean, I know that she has put in some applications at a few places, but she's only been to maybe a handful of places in the past three weeks. It shouldn't take that long to get a job, especially this time of year.


Sailor said...

It drives me crazy, when I see people acting that rudely- I don't get it, I'll hold the door for anyone approaching, old, young, male, female; to me, it's just courtesy!

Good luck with the job hunt, for your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Rudeness is a learned trait, just like manners. It seems, though, that rudeness is much easier to teach.

I am shocked about the tumbleweeds too.

Job hunting, I don't miss those days. Someone once told me that if you don't have a job, then job hunting is your job and you should work at it just like you would a job. 40 hours a week if you want a full time good paying job.

for a different kind of girl said...

One summer I was covering an event for the newspaper I edited. It was hot. Surface of the sun hot. I was the only one standing in the room. I was shaky. Oh, and I was also very obviously a female because I was so pregnant it's a wonder I didn't give birth that afternoon. I was also so pregnant that if I had attempted to sit on the floor, I'd have never been able to get up. Not one person in the room offered me their seat. For more than two hours I stood there, fearing death or praying for my water to break, just so maybe I'd get a cooling off.

I've always been polite in these regards. This situation just cemented that attribute for me.