Friday, November 30, 2007

fashion police - mixing patterns

There are times when it is ok to mix patterns. A striped sweater and polka dot bag are a good example. The colors are similar and the patterns complement each other in boldness. The solid black pants break it up enough so that it doesn't look silly. Another good example is for the guys: ties with patterns can be worn together with pin-striped slacks. A solid shirt breaks it up so the two patterns don't conflict with each other. For example, if this young lady was wearing, say, a floral skirt with this polka dot bag and a solid top, it would place all the attention and draw the eye to the lower half of the ensemble. Now, look at the picture again. Notice how your eyes tend to shift between the bag and back up to the sweater and then to her face? This is the result you want when putting together an outfit. The key is to choose items with similar colors and not wear different patterns too close to each other.


agora said...

I've found that fashion tips can also be used to distract people from some of my uglier attributes. For example: I shave my head to keep the attention away from my horribly distended gut. I wear brown a lot; it makes my ugly yellow teeth look whiter. However, I do pluck my "unibrow" as well as the relentless hairs growing from my ears.
Is this too much information?

Phyllis, you're so gifted.

Phyllis Renée said...

Jeff - Well, hmmmmmm . . . yes I would say that there are some good fashion tips for distracting attention from problem areas. And I guess the brown shirt could help with the yellow teeth, but only if brown is a good color on you to begin with (which it is, btw). As for shaving your head . . . well I don't know if that works for everyone. It would look kind of funny to see bald pregnant woman. But if it works for you . . . .

Kudos for the tweezing! We all appreciate it :o)

Casdok said...

Good tip!! Think she needs it!

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