Wednesday, December 05, 2007

his and hers shopping

After 19 years of marriage, my husband and I have finally discovered the secret of shopping together: Don't. You see, my husband is a hunter. Not just the Deer Hunter, but the Bargain Hunter as well. Which, in some ways, is great. But when it comes to Christmas shopping, not so much.

The major problem with his style of shopping is that I HATE shopping. I want to go into a store, purchase the item or items I've jotted down previously on a list (I'm all about the lists), and get the heck out of there. Because, to me, there's no sense wasting a lot of time looking at things (1) I don't want/need, (2) at a bunch of different stores comparing prices, and (3) are not on the list.

So, this past Saturday we tried a different approach: we drove to the desired shopping area, related our shopping plans to each other, and went our separate ways. This was perfect! We each were able to shop for the items we wanted the way we wanted. And when we needed to catch up with each other, we just used the cell phones.

I know this isn't a new idea, because I've seen other people on their cell phones or even two-way radios and overheard the "ok, I'll meet you at the . . ." conversations. But this is a new idea for me and RL, because we've been trying so hard lately to do more things together. You know, going shopping "together" we just thought we'd actually be, um, together.

Now, there were still the awful crowds and seemingly endless lines at the cashier counters, but at least our stress was from those around us and not from each other. This made the whole experience so much better and helped me maintain some Christmas spirit. Well, up until the fourth hour of shopping, when I was just plain sick of the whole thing and wanted to go home.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I. Same thing, different genders. I can relate to your Husband on the deer hunting thing, but that whole shop around a while before buying just isn't for me. Get it and get away from the crazy shoppers is my motto.

XI Summit said...

I'm with you and SM, I wanna find it, get it, get out. Queenie'd hit 5 stores and take 2 weeks to do the same 'cuz that's how she likes to get it done. So we separate and I sip my coffee and wait for her call ..... works for us.

Sailor said...

Same idea here, but I'm the "get it and get out" one.

Hate shopping, ugh.

(Well, there is one item that is an exception to my hatred, but that's more of an activity).

for a different kind of girl said...

I've noticed a lot more husbands out with shopping with their spouses this year. I, honestly, am amazed everytime I see this because my husband has never Christmas shopped with me. Ever. It makes me a bit frustrated to be the only one responsible for coming up with gifts, I mus admit, but then I have to think about what a poor shopper he is and go with what I've been dealt.

Lisa said...

Phyl, you look mahvelous in your picture. I'm going to hang on to your "his/hers shopping." Sounds like it worked for you guys, and that, in the end, is what matters!

Mommy2JL said...

I really wish I would have read this before we did our christmas shopping... lol

Paul Joe said...

I supose shoping can be fun,but i'm the get what you came for and get out.