Thursday, November 01, 2007

signs of life

Walking through the living room, on my way to the kitchen to make coffee this morning, I noticed he left his shoes and socks by his chair. The remnants of a late night snack were on the kitchen cabinet.

I traversed back through the darkened house, trying not to wake him, but his snoring was so loud and so deep that I knew nothing short of a tornado would stir him. I slowly and quietly closed the bathroom door and got ready for work. Luckily I had turned on the light soon enough to find the toilet seat up.

His clothes scattered on the floor in the bedroom. His papers from work piled up on the table. His bags, unpacked, set down just inside the bedroom. I'm glad he's home.


Anonymous said...

I can't tell my wife about you because she would think I was comparing her to you. Which would totally not be the case.
I think there are some things he could do to show more courtesy toward you. Be that as it may, I think you are an incredibly unique woman in these days and times where women find anything and everything to complain about when it comes to their spouse. I think he is a very blessed man to have a love such as yours in his life.

Phyllis Renée said...

SM -- Thank you, though, I have done more than enough of my share of griping and complaining. It's really a miracle that we stayed married. But over the past 3 or 4 years RL has been gone so much that I've come to appreciate it when he's home. And he's home so little of the time (maybe a few days) that I don't won't to waste any time fighting about (really) insignificant things. I figure I'd rather lie awake unable to sleep because of his snoring, than sleep through the night alone.

Little Town Big Life said...

Sounds like a happy situation!!! Wouldn't we miss the comfort of someone to mess up the house, leave things amouck--someone to hear snore & fuss at--just knowing his presence is here is good.

I feel so sorry for some of my "widow" or "divorced" friends. How sad to hear only your own noise, and have no one to talk to--even if the talk is unimportant!

Recovering Soul said...

:) aren't guys great?

Phyllis Renée said...

Little Town -- It can change the way you view things when you see it from someone else's standpoint, can't it? After my Mom died I would hear people complain about their mothers and I would tell then, "She could be dead." Harsh? Probably. And I am guilty of complaining about tmy husband to friends who are divorced (Sorry, friend), and I try not to do that too much nowadays.

RS -- Yes they are! :)