Friday, November 02, 2007

fashion police -- i'm busted

Just to show I'm not exempt from being ticketed by the fashion police, I want to tell you a story. This is a true story. The names have not been changed because no one was innocent.

When I had an office job the required attire was the usual skirts or slacks, no jeans, and as a general rule I would wear high heels. One particular work day I was delivering some mail to a woman, Marian, in the office down the hall.

We chatted a little and she was telling me what a horrible morning it had been. So horrible, in fact, she had gotten to work before she noticed she was wearing one black shoe and one navy blue.

I felt for her, but laughed and laughed. I explained how I could understand how that could happen, because I had a pair of black and a pair a of navy shoes. At that moment I looked down at my feet and . . . yep, you guessed, I had done the same thing. The worse part is we couldn't even exchange shoes so that she was wearing black and I was wearing navy, because we both were wearing the same shoe: left, black and right, navy.

Got any fashion mishaps of your own?


FTN said...

Um, age 11-16 was one big fashion mishap for me.

Anonymous said...

I had to share the whole post with my wife. I just can't calculate the odds of something like that happening...ever.

Little Town Big Life said...

The entire 80's--tho I didn't realize it at the time!!!

Haven't worn different shoes, but socks? Yes, I've worn two different socks--that didn't even come close to matching!!! And that was not too long ago!!!

I think most of my "fashion mistakes" have been hair styles--looking at some pictures, what was I thinking??????

XI Summit said...

How could a blue-and-white vertical striped hirt possibly clash with a pair of red-orange/black plaid slacks? With sneakers. that was my favorite outfit in Junior High school. Yeah, I was in with the cool gang ....

Therese in Heaven said...

The cool thing to me about this story is that it sounds like you have one shoe you like in more than one color!