Thursday, November 15, 2007


That's the beauty of hitting the bottom: the pain of changing is less than the pain of staying the same.

~~Ashley Judd (From her interview in Redbook.)


XI Summit said...

Yeah, now if only we could grow brains enough to change before hitting bottom.

jedi4sweet said...

That's a really good quote actually. Made me think. And I wanted to say thanks for leaving me that comment. I think you're right. In fact, my husband has told me that in other situations. So in fact I'm sure you're right. Funny how sometimes the things I have, I don't always see for what they really are. Kinda sad but yah .....

My husband told me just last week some silly line about me being like some kind of horse and how the best kind of fence for me is the one that I don't know is really there. I dont even know if that makes sense or not but that's what he told me. He's an engineer so if doesnt make sense; his occupation alone should explain it (LOL) ; )

I just need to keep praying that I keep trusting his love more and more & that I can be the kind of wife that I know I've been made to be.

I really appreciate your comment & that you stopped by my blog so thanks again. For reals......

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