Friday, November 16, 2007

fashion police -- ugg boots

Ugg boots, short for "ugly," have been showing up even here in Oklahoma. Now, I kind of think these boots are cute. But the problem I have is that usually when I see them they are worn with skirts or shorts. Ugh! is right. That's when they just look dumb. I will never understand mixing seasons like that. Cool mornings warrant a jacket, but if it's warm enough for shorts, it's gotta be too warm for these boots.


Confused Husband said...

The fashion may be all wrong but at least she's carrying the right soda. Almost. She has diet and it needs to be regular.

The boots are just plain ugg no matter what they are worn with. But I'm a guy so what do I know?

Confused Husband said...

On a side note here (if you don't mind me asking), what part of Ok. are you in? When I was in the Army Summer and I lived in Lawton for a short time. Our oldest was born at Fort Sill. Didn't get out of Lawton much though. Except when we picked my sister up at the airport in Oklahoma City. Living there was a total colture shock for the two of us. Way different from Ca.

Phyllis Renée said...

We live in NE Oklahoma. My brother was at Fort Sill for a while, but that was probably 30 years ago. (Gosh, I hate being able to say that :o)

Summer Rose said...

I have to agree, those boots are just ugg! I wouldn't want a pair of those.

No comment from the peanut gallory, I just had my first run in with someone from that state today.

Paul Joe said...

I think they are a wonderful pair of boots, and she could not wait for fall!