Tuesday, September 27, 2005

surprised by joy

Ok, I'm almost a little embarrassed to admit I've never read any of C. S. Lewis' books. I felt a sort of pride when I came across his autobiography of his younger days, Surprised By Joy. I was encouraged by the title and intriqued by what I might learn from this Christian man who I mostly knew from children's books (of course I had only seen these stories played out on public television). So you can imagine my complete disappointment and confusion when I (nearly) threw the book down and exclaimed, "ENOUGH!"

How could a book titled Surprised By Joy leave one feeling so depressed? I felt betrayed. I don't think there was one part that seemed joyful. At one point I found myself reading merely to try to determine what in the world this man was talking about.

Maybe I should have started with something else and worked my way back to his autobiography. Someone would have to highly recommend it, though, because I doubt I would be inclined to ever pick up one of his books again.

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