Thursday, August 14, 2008


This weekend we'll be leaving on our week-long vacation to a tropical island. YeaaaaAAAA! So to keep you entertained I leave you with this:

It's been a few weeks since I past the 300 posts mark. I really didn't want to write another 100 things about me, so I decided to google "300" and see what I could find. If you see something that sounds interesting, google "the subject"+"300" -- because I was too lazy to include links to all of these. And I considered listing 300 items, but when I came to the last one on this list I decided that was a good place to stop. Have fun!

• 2007 film
• Chrysler sedan
• Tumor removed from woman's stomach
• Sled dog race
• Tang poems
• GPS hand-held
• Radio station featuring bowling music
• Piano exhibition at the Smithsonian
• Russian missile
• Olympus camera
• Backpack
• Comic book
• Proposition passed by Arizona voters
• Spiral galaxy
• Land Trust committee
• Monks
• Gyroscope
• Gold Coast Indy
• People attending American Idol tryouts in Puerto Rico
• Union for Operatic Plasterers & Cement Masons
• Apple "clamshell" computer
• U.S. population (millions)
• Spyware
• Headphones
• Wireles USB
• Jazz bistro
• Nike Triax watch
• Love letters
• 8Gbit/sec switch
• Book: Incredible Things to Learn on the Internet


Xavier said...

OK, now this is an original way to commemorate the milestone.

And keep on writing, OK?

for a different kind of girl said...

I hit that first part of the list and thought it read as: 'Piano exhibitionist at the Smithsonian' and I thought 'Well, I know where we're going if we ever get to take a vacation!'

Enjoy your vacation! It sounds better than a trip to see naked pianos. Or naked pianists.