Tuesday, February 05, 2008

super tuesday*

This morning I woke up feeling like Super Woman (I know that's Wonder Women over there, but just play along). Days like that are rare, I know, but somehow I knew today was going to be different. Maybe it was the two days of spring-like weather. Maybe it was something else, but something told me it was going to be a Super Tuesday.

But before I could think about that any further, I had to get to the supermarket. There's only so many days you can survive on peanut butter sandwiches. So I started making the menu for the rest of the week, got a pen and paper, and started making my grocery list. We were out of everything, including super-absorbent paper towels AND toilet paper. I'm just glad the Super Bowl is over so I didn't have to buy extra stuff for that!

After my usual three cups of coffee I was beginning to feel super-hyper. Yeah, you know, more hyper than usual. I figured I better take advantage of it and get some housework done. By the time I was finished with that I was in the mood for Mickey D's strawberry shake and some super-sized fries.

Well, the rest of the day turned out just like so many others. I got the groceries, came home and fixed a super supper for the family, and watched some tv. Now it's about time for me to get in bed and I'm thinking about how super I felt this morning. I still don't know what made me feel that way, but I guess it helped me get through the day and that's what matters. I mean, we can't all be Mary Poppins and everthing be so supercalifragilistcaspialidocious!

*This story is not only super boring but also completely fictional and in no way represents a typical day in my super life.


Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I think any day that has McDonalds in it is a super day! I usually have days where I think I am going to get so much done. They start of great but then I end up taking a nap...I love naps.

I saw "bible study" on your "about me" page, do you go to BSF?

Anonymous said...

On such a super day as yesterday I sometimes stopped and asked.
"Who are these people and why do they have delegates?

Ok, just kidding, I really haven't been living in a rock.

Phyllis Renée said...

Scarlett - Naps? I love naps! Naps are one of my favorite things. But, no, I don't go to BSF.

SM - The thing that drove me crAzY was that people got votes that aren't even in the running.