Wednesday, December 19, 2007

gift idea

Along with most people this time of year, I've been trying to come up with gift ideas. The way my mind wanders, though, it's difficult to stay on task. The other day I was thinking about what to get my brothers for Christmas and thought how nice it would be if they were as easy to buy for as women. I mean, generally you can buy a woman things like candles and they're pleased as punch. Most women, because really I'm not much into the candle thing. But, anyway, I was thinking about that and then I thought wouldn't it be great if they had scented candles for women and men. Surely if they can make jelly beans taste like all kinds of things they can make a candle with any kind of scent. Scents that instantly send your mind back to your childhood or any number of memorable experiences. Then a list of scents popped into my head that I thought would be great gifts.

candle scents for her:
first snow
summer rain
newborn baby
fresh brewed coffee
Sunday dinner at Grandma's
bread baking in the oven

candle scents for him:
salami & cheese
bacon & eggs
sundried denim
tanned leather

If I were to buy you a candle for Christmas what scent would it be?


XI Summit said...

Well, any of the following would be quite nice:

Axle grease
Chain saw
Musty woods
Ribs grillin'
Morning exhaust
Welding sparks
Sweet compost
Campfire smoke

And a few I'll save for hunting-camp conversation. If you know what I mean.

Desmond Jones said...

What, XI - no 'doe urine'?

And, I confess, 'newborn baby' calls to mind something more along the lines of 'poopy diaper'

I can think of a few of my favorite scents that I wouldn't discuss in polite company, but here's a few that I would -

Pine forest
Fresh-brewed coffee
Unlit cigar
Lilac (I don't have to turn in my Man Card for liking lilac, do I?)

And Molly, farm-town girl that she is, always has an appreciative comment whenever we drive past a freshly-manured field. So, there you have it. . .

Anonymous said...

The list is growing and I am working on adding to it. So here are more

Football (the actual ball)
Baseball (the ball, or the base, or the grass in the outfield)
Basketball (the ball)
Warmed up Laptop
Hot Dogs
Pipe Tobacco (or its smoke)
Fresh grown vegetables (various scents on that one)
Beer (more various scents)

I managed to stay clean too. Yay me.

XI Summit said...

Like I said Desmond, some of 'em are saved for round the campfire and that's one of 'em.

And no, you don't lose your man-card for lilac. Well, maybe just the corner ....

aphron said...

Cut grass and just turned sod. Takes me back to my childhood.

A good cigar actually has a good aroma.

for a different kind of girl said...

the smell of Johnson's baby shampoo and/or baby powder would be just fine!