Sunday, November 11, 2007

target practice

RL hasn't been able to go hunting this year, because he's been working so much. But Saturday he got in a little target practice.
My daughter thought it would be a good photo op, though she didn't actually shoot the gun. She just wanted a cool pic to post on her My Space.


Anonymous said...

Well that makes me want to go hunting. Wish I lived in a place where hunting was looked on more favorably.

XI Summit said...

I feel for RL, been a lean hunting year here as well with all the nuttiness. Only been out once and it isn't looking good for more. Glad t see he at least got out to take a shot or two. What's he usually hunt?

Nice shot of the daughter. I've got one daughter who's also not interested but a second who loves shooting and hunting.

TSM, don't let the naysayers get you down, give it a go anyhow. It;s the one most relaxing thing in my life (napping in the woods will do that for ya!)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for me, the Naysayers are pretty much the entire state legislature. They got it set up that it pretty much will cost a small fortune to be able to go hunting. Of course they also set up the hunting seasons to make it really difficult in addition to all those costs. I'll wait until I move to a more hunter friendly state.
I could definitely use some sleep in the woods.

Sailor said...

What fun, and that's a cool pic. Hoping RL gets out sometime soon!

FTN said...

That will make an amusing myspace picture for her, I'm sure. She looks like she's modeling a rifle for a catalog!

Bunny said...

Does she take after her mom, or what? One would know you were mother and daughter instantly.