Wednesday, October 24, 2007

here in the states

I like traveling. I like the planning, the packing, the mapping. All of it. And the best thing about it is sharing the experience with others. The pictures . . . Ok, sorry I don't actually have any pictures of my recent travels. Buying souvenirs for family and friends. Oh well sorry, no actual souvenirs either. So you, lucky people, get to read about the states I've visited lately.

Every once in a while, on my many journeys, I drive through the lovely and always fascinating state of Confusion. Ok, really it's more like I accidently end up there. I'll be on my way to Happiness or Contentment and somehow I'll take a wrong turn and end up in Confusion. And I hate it there! No one knows their way around and you can't get directions. By the time you finally figure out how to get out of Confusion you wind up smack in the middle of downtown Frustration!

Near the middle of each month I take a little trip through the State of Depression. It's usually a short trip, but its a long drive getting back home. I've been there so many times the past few years it's fairly easy for me to find my way around. Some people live there, but they're kind of hard to talk to.

Sometimes I take unplanned trips to Depression. I mean, it's like one day I'm home and then I wake up and I'm in Depression. I think, "How did I get here?" And I sit and wonder and think and think how the heck I got there. But I can't ever figure it out and so before I get home from Depression I have to take the long drive through Confusion.

The other day I took a fun little trip through Pleasure. My husband was able to go with me this time. Usually he's working out of town and we wait to go on the weekend or sometimes I have to go to Pleasure by myself. But anyway, the other day we took a five day tour through Pleasure. It was great! What I like most about going there is there's always something to do. Every second is filled with all kinds of adventure. And even if you're not feeling very adventurous, there's lots of opportunities to just sit back and relax. During part of the trip it got kind of hot, but we didn't mind. It was a little sad, though, when the trip was over. But I'm already planning our next trip back.

So where have you been lately?


Sailor said...

Lately? Pretty much all the states you mention, we've probably passed one another on the road. *waves*

Confusion, Frustration, Depression, yup, been to all of those.

Luckily, these days, I'm finding the commute from depression to pleasure is much easier, and my visits to Frustration have grown shorter and shorter.

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate when you find yourself in one of these states and realize you forgot to pack something for the trip? Well, kids, here we are in confusion. Did anyone remember to grab the map? (or dictionary, or calculator, or whatever it is we need)?

XI Summit said...

I'm not that much the traveler so here I am living in Confusion for most of my life, and you drive through and never stop?

I am hurt. This may require a trip to Frustration to clear my mind....

You can seldom find me in Pleasure but I do live on the border of Contentment so am able to get there frequently.

Thanks for sharing! And next time stop by, I'll put a pot on.

Anonymous said...

Land of confusion and stress.

That's where my travels have led me.

for a different kind of girl said...

I'm trying really hard not to say "funkytown" here...

I know the state of Depression well. I often honk the horn as I cross the border to signal my arrival.

Anonymous said...

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