Friday, October 19, 2007

fashion police -- in-flight

This week for the fashion police I want to give you some tips on what to wear if you're traveling. Specifically if you're flying to your destination.

• Be comfortable. Now if wearing your best dress and high heels or your finest suit and tie are comfortable, then go for it. But if at all possible, I would not recommend it.

• Wear slip-on shoes. This makes it easier to get through security. Nothing aggravates other travelers more than having to wait on someone to unlace their high tops. And, ladies, leave the high heels in your bag. Save them for the night on the town and save your feet the hastle of having to run in those six inch stilletoes down the concourse to your connecting flight.

• Bring a light sweater or jacket. Usually the planes get a little chilly. You can always ask the attendant for a blanket, but they've got so many other things to do, by the time they get a blanket you've got ice crystals forming on your eyelashes.

• Wear a smile. Believe me, you cannot imagine how much more pleasant your trip will be if you smile. People are friendlier, you'll get better customer service, and it will just make you feel better. You can't have a bad time if you're finding reasons to smile.


Therese in Heaven said...

On my trip this week I wore a dress. Right now a dress is more comfortable than having pants around my growing belly (maternity pants too big, regular pants too small). I did have to buy comfortable slip on shoes, though, because I realized that outside of my very casual brown everyday wedges, all my shoes were stilettos!

The Silent Male said...

Every time I even go to the airport, I am amazed at the number of people who dress as if they are going for a summer stroll instead of being cramped in a tiny chair on a cool plane for a few hours.