Wednesday, September 12, 2007

who am i?

I doubt anyone is normal, but you get used to the way people are and then one day they're completely different, not themselves, not normal. That's how it was with my Mom.

At first she had trouble remember things. Little things. Sometimes she just had trouble thinking of a certain word. (Haven't we all done that?) Other times she would be in the middle of a sentence and then forget what she was saying. I mean, she would suddenly get a blank look on her face and completely forget she was saying anything.

But it got worse. She was having more and more headaches and the tiny seizures she had dealt with her entire adult life had become stronger and more debilitating.

She went to the doctor and after "examining" her the doctor said he thought she had a mild stroke. She had been under a lot of stress (my step-dad had just had heart surgery), but two days later they had to take her to the hospital, because she had nearly lost her memory. She could barely remember her name.



XI Summit said...

What a terrible shock that must have been.

Fusion said...

I would think that would be harder than losing a parent quickly, like I did with my dad. He was a lucky one, perfectly fine right up to the end, and passed away in his sleep. My heart goes out to you Phyllis.