Friday, September 14, 2007

fashion police -- bag and sag

Ok ladies, take note: it doesn't matter how small you are, if you wear something tied around your rear it's going to look huge! This girl is easily a size 2, yet her rear looks at least three times larger with her jacket around it.

And guys, I don't care how "in" this look is, it does nothing for you.

And this poor guy looks as though his diaper needs to be changed!


XI Summit said...

OK, I've been totally enjoying the Fashion Police until .... today. My most comfortable pair of jeans Queenie'll tell you give the diaper effect (she just calls it droopy drawers) though not to the degree in your post. Does it help that I don't wear 'em in public?


Anonymous said...

All points very very true.

I love looking at the pictures you take :)

Phyllis Renée said...

XI -- Dang! Only the second week of the fashion police and I've already offended someone. But I doubt your jeans are like the guy's in the photo. His were nearly skin tight everywhere except the sagging bottom. And, yes, it does help that you only wear them at home. That's where you and your queen rule and you can wear anything you want (or nothing at all).

Ob -- I wish I could use my real camera to take these photos, but that would be entirely too conspicuous (sp?), but I'm glad you enjoy them.

XI Summit said...

Oh my dear, no worries, I'm not offended. Quite the contrary, I find it quite amusing that it took until the second week: Queenie has sometimes called me a fashion train-wreck and I think that about covers it ....