Monday, June 05, 2006

100 things about me

Recently I passed the 100th post mark and to celebrate here are 100 things about me (This was a whole lot harder to do than I thought it would be):

1) Christian
2) Married
3) Two children
4) Love my job
5) Five brothers, no sisters
6) Graduated High School in 1980
7) Started college in 1996
8) All time favorite movie: Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
9) All time favorite book: Forever Amber
10) Favorite sport to watch: Basketball
11) Favorite sport to play: Volleyball
12) Favorite food: Seafood/Italian
13) Favorite color: Olive Green
14) Born blonde
15) Terrible memory (some things)
16) Took piano lessons for 5 years when I was a child, but can't read music very well
17) Took guitar lessons when I was 40 (much easier than piano)
18) Laugh loud
19) Have a crooked smile
20) Pulling weeds relaxes me
21) Saw the ocean for the first time in 2005 (the Gulf doesn't count)
22) I love blue sky
23) Very romantic
24) Nutty
25) Passionate
26) Honest
27) Can keep a secret
28) Born October 28
29) First date when I was 13 (my parents must have been crazy!)
30) Not spoiled
31) Hit by a truck when I was 5 years old
32) Won 1st place all-city on the balance beam, way back in 1976
33) Was a cheerleader
34) Didn't get my drivers' license until I was 18 years old
35) I've never seen any of the Star Wars movies
36) Don't like to be like everyone else . . . I'm unique!
37) I love to play in the rain
38) Hate shopping
39) Tie my shoes sitting on the floor
40) Forty was a good year for me
41) I'm much more comfortable with myself these days
42) The hardest thing for me to learn was accepting people for who they are
43) Still working on that
44) Forgive others more easily than I forgive myself
45) Coconut Cream Pie!
46) Not so unwilling to ask for help
47) Maybe a little stubborn
48) Very opinionated
49) Learning to keep my mouth shut
50) Would rather wash dishes than dust the furniture
51) Someday I'd like to learn Spanish
52) Know how to crochet
53) Love puzzles
54) Never been snow skiing (probably never will)
55) Can't see past the end of my arm without my contacts
56) Pretty good judge of character
57) Homebody
58) Listen to classical music when I'm very stressed
59) Hate being late
60) Creative
61) Runner
62) Writer
63) Photographer
64) Gardener
65) Working on being a good listener
66) Someday I'd like to own a home on the beach.
67) Young at heart
68) Lucky number 7
69) When I was a kid I wanted a pet lion.
70) Favorite tree: Mimosa
71) Favorite flower: Yellow rose
72) Favorite feature: My eyes
73) Pet-peeve: Poor customer service
74) Drive a Ford Escape
75) Like brussel sprouts
76) Can write my name upside-down and backwards.
77) Someday I'd like to travel to Greece.
78) Not afraid of heights, but terrified of climbing down steep hills.
79) Hate beer
80) Never had poison ivy
81) Twirled baton in the Christmas parades when I was 6-10 years old.
82) Until I was 18 years old I thought bread pudding cured the chicken pox.
83) Can sing, but hate to sing in front of an audience.
84) Collect music boxes
85) 85 degrees is the best temperature.
86) Got my head stuck in a rocking chair when I was four years old.
87) First car was a 1974 Cutlass Supreme
88) Favorite children's book: Where The Wild Things Are
89) Didn't go to my Senior prom
90) My bedroom is always a mess
91) Secretly celebrate my 1/2 birthday (April 28th)
92) Someday might consider getting a tatoo
93) I have a pool table in my living room
94) When I die I want to be buried in a plain pine box.
95) Drink pickle juice
96) Someday I'd like to facilitate a challenge course.
97) I was born in the year of the Tiger.
98) Life-time designated driver
99) Someday I'd like to be a garden designer/consultant.
100) Love butterflies


Lisa said...

Fun, fun reading!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Very very interesting list...When I did this, I realized I could do a 'post' about almost everyone of the 100 things...Do you feel like that too?

ZenMommyWanna-be said...

Those are 100 great things - I'm glad I just spent 3 minutes of my kids' naptime reading that!

Bevye said...

Came to your site to read about our mutual friend, Cheryl Lynn, and enjoyed reading the "100 things" list... thanks for the invite!

Brett said...

Thanks for the great advice, and good luck on that LSIT! It's a rough one!

Paul Joe said...

reading the hundred things about you is very interesting,it says a lot and to me you very transparent, feels good Knowing that you secure in yourself,thats the feeling i get, and that there is a peace about you.Wonderful