Thursday, April 13, 2006


Tomorrow morning I'll be flying to L.A. with a short stop in Denver. This will be my first solo trip. I've never gone anywhere alone . . . well, I mean I've never traveled this far alone. I'm not really nervous. It's just a strange feeling. No one to talk to. No one to look out the window with. No one to experience it with. It's just strange for me. And then my son asked for the flight info so if he "heard about a plane crash on the news" he'd know whether or not it was my plane. How comforting.

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Jameson Early Inc. said...

Hey Phyllis!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you have a good trip to LALA.. it ain't so bad out there. ;)
Nope, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet.. just been out of time lately. Working about 60hrs a week now.. as well as squeezing in time with the girlfriend.I usually have just enough time to check emails MAYBE once every two days. I've been online more often through the past week because it's TAX time & I've been TRYING to file. Hopefully my return won't be rejected again. :(
Anyway, the easiest way to find my myspace account is to search on my email addy- and there you shall find me.You can also add my address to your contacts, if you want to...
Thank you for the message.. it's nice to know that SOMEONE out there wonders where I've gone off to. ;0)
Talk to you soon- happy flying.