Wednesday, March 08, 2006

all in the family

It's interesting the traits we inherit from our family. I've been told all my life that I look like my mother. All my life I tried to fight it, tried to be my own person, tried to be nothing like my Mom. Well, I succeeded; I may look like my Mom, but I'm most like my grandmother (my Dad's Mom). Unfortunately, I inherited more from her than I'd like to admit.

Grandma was a worrier. She worried about everything. If she heard an ambulance, she worried if it was one of her grandchildren going to the hospital. If the phone rang, she worried if it was bad news. She worried if my brothers were going to be able to pay their bills and if they were going to stay out of jail.

It infuriated me that she worried so much. It was especially infuriating that she was spending all her money tryting to keep my brothers out of trouble and making herself sick worrying all the time. I used to tell her, "Grandma, you need to stop worrying. They'll never learn to take care of themselves if you keep doing it for them."

Yeah, I'm most like my grandmother. Who brought this to my attention? My daughter.

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