Saturday, October 29, 2005


Last night we went to see Elizabethtown. The plot revolves around the death of Drew's (Orlando Bloom) father and the failure of his career. He meets Claire (Kirsten Dunst) and through this new relationship learns about life, loss, and success.

My overall review would be that it's an "ok" movie. There were some really funny parts, but mostly it was melancholy. It's the type of movie that you should go see after looking through old photos with a friend or walking through the park on a sunny autumn afternoon.

If you've ever had a great loss in your life (i.e. death of a parent, spouse, sibling) you will relate to this movie better than those who haven't. There were times when I sat nodding, thinking I know exactly what that's like. But I would recommend waiting for the video so you can let your emotions go in the privacy of you own home.

By the way, this wasn't my first choice to see on my birthday. I wanted to see The Greatest Game Ever Played, but by the time we got to the theatre it was sold out.