Wednesday, February 24, 2010

anonymous commenter

I've been blogging for almost five years now and one thing that I find very interesting are the anonymous comments. Why are they anonymous? Who are they, really? Why bother leaving a comment if they're not even going to leave their name?? And why would I even care what they have to say if I don't know who they are?
Take this one for instance:

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Nice. But since I don't know them, why do I care what they think of my blog?
Then there are the slightly creepy ones like this:
Anonymous said...

You aren't aware that I also read your blog and know where you live? And that "RL" is out of town? (As though "RL" actually exists...)

Now, granted, it's probably one of my regular readers who is just trying to be funny (and I have my suspicions as to who it really is). But the first time I read it I was a little freaked.
Then there are just the completely bizarre anonymous comments:
Anonymous said...

consequently aliae parameters operate lalfkk kcaaen feeds poised anderson blunt andheri lolikneri havaqatsu

What kind of drugs are these people taking . . . and how can I get some?

This next comment was in response to my Chairman of the Bored post:

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at the fact that the few comments are all on the T-shirt; none on the title.
And, googling the title would have thrown up lyrics by others on the same theme (though perhaps not titled so). Or even a joke site:
But it actually goes way back - to Charlie Chaplin, in his filming days. In one of his shorts, he's a janitor, cleaning the Board room before a meeting. He plunks himself in the Chairman's seat and imitates, as only Charlie can, The Chairman of the Bored.
Hope you get a chance one day to see that!

A very nice comment, huh? A like it. Does this person have their own blog, because I'd like to see it. Sounds like an interesting person. But, no. No name, no link, no nothing.
Then there's this one in response to a Fashion Police post:

Anonymous said...

What's wrong? She looks fantastic! And no, I'm not fat, so I'm not just saying it to pacify her. In fact I fall under the size zero category.

Um, ok. She falls under the size zero category . . . if I was under a size zero I'd be posting my name, my picture, my phone number. Ok. Maybe not my phone number, but you know what I mean. Why is her identity a secret if she's willing to announce her dress size??

And then there's this one from one of my latest posts:
オテモヤン said...


OMG!! Somebody please translate this! What the crap?

So, while I appreciate all comments -- Really, I do. Especially now that there are so few commenting these days. -- Please at least leave a first name. Gaw!!


Craig said...

Some of those, like the first one ("your blog keeps getting better and better!"), and the one with the random letters, are just spam. I got that same 'better and better' comment on my blog, and then I saw it appear, word for word, on four or five other blogs around the same time. . . I have no idea what anybody might have to gain from them. . .

Anonymous said...

Even Silent Men have no idea why someone would want to be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I love the new saint patricks day look on your page. Very pretty. You can fix the whole anon thing... maybe. Blogger let's you control who can post. Their is and option for not allowing anon comments, but if you do that I don't know if it will turn off the open ID option as well.

As for the Chinese post -- try using google translate to translate your page and see what comes up. It might be interesting. I'm surprised about the comments being anon- because they read like spammer posts.

Anonymous said...

OR another thought -- they choose anon because they don't have or want a google account and they don't know how to use open ID?

Sailor said...

As Craig noted, a couple are just plain spam. I've never figured the anonymous out myself, so let me know if you ever do, okay?

for a different kind of girl said...

Sigh...I've had the word verification on my blog since the first day. Then, a few months ago, on a whim (sort of) I got rid of it. Doing so lifted the floodgates! Suddenly, every time I'd open my email, I'd have a ton of Asian mail. Every day, I was deleting tons of spam.

I put the word verification back on and it has stopped somewhat, but opening the door means it doesn't close well anymore, and some of the junk still slips in.

aphron said...

Personally, I tend to ignore anon comments. The internet does a pretty good job of hiding one's identity, if one tries. Also, there is no continuity in the conversation with someone that is anonymous. My $0.02.

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