Tuesday, May 05, 2009

free time

For the past four months my time has been consumed by studying. I would have mere moments of distractions (I exaggerate) to keep myself sane. But now? Now I'm having trouble deciding what I want to do with all this free time.

There's all kinds of housework to do, but I'm feeling a little lazy about that. Sort of the way it felt getting home from school and having my Mom rattle off a bunch of chores to finish befor dinner. (I don't really recall that ever happening, but you know what I mean.) And, hey, now I'm the Mom (with no kids at home), so I don't have to do it right now if I don't want to.

Last week I bought some plants and flowers for my garden. Gardening is something I'm really interested doing. Unfortunately, it's been raining so much I haven't been able to actually put them in the ground. They're just sitting out there in the pots, in the place where I want to plant them. So that's on hold until it dries out a little.

Then there's the books. I have started reading three, yes three, books. At the same time. Two are on faith or the search of it (Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott and In Search of God Knows What by Donald Miller) and The 5000 Year Leap: . . . by . . . . .The first two are easy reads and entertainng, with just a little extra for deep thought. The other is a little too much like a textbook and I've just about decided to read it at the end of the summer; just before I take American Federal Government in the fall.

But I am looking forward to our vacation in a couple of weeks. I started a crash diet and I'm exercising just short of killing myself to get in shape. Because, you know, that was put on hold for the last four months also. So now I'm trying to cram as much exercise as I can in the next eleven days. Crazy, I know.


Cocotte said...

I'm envious of your vacation. With three teen schedules, we've concluded we don't have time to go on vacation this summer...how sad is that?

Therese in Heaven said...

I had hoped to garden a bit this year, but since we're in a hurry to sell our house and move, I guess that's not going to happen!

Congratulations on being done with your class, and don't work too hard to get in shape for the trip! You don't want to overdo it and hurt yourself!

Jeff said...

What kind of workout are you doing? You know that Allison Miles kicks people's butts for a living? I get nauseated just thinking about a treadmill...