Thursday, December 04, 2008

who i am -- really?

I am the middle child, the third born, the only girl. But researching which of these pesonalities matches me, I found that being third fits best.

The second born picks on the third in the process of trying to pass on the feeling of inadequacy. Rather than feel inadequate, the third born feels vulnerable. He or she learns to think that anyone can get to him or her.

Characteristic Bad Feeling: Vulnerability
Strategies for survival: Being Strong, Attacking
Felt Loss: Protection
Sense of Justice: There is no justice, victims must be rescued
Thought Pattern: Comparison
T-shirt: "No problem, it doesn't bother me any"
Childhood Behavior: Rebellious
Emotional Expression:
Sympathy, Attack
Source of Anger: Putdowns
Nature of Humor: Putdowns
Means of Relating: Rescue
Spirituality: Devotional, Strength through prayer
Relational: Pleaser, Sensitive to others' wants/needs
The Child Within: Wounded
Type of Procrastination: Puts off tasks to pursue more interesting projects
Blind spot: Cooperation
Boundaries: None for self
A walk in the woods: Only goes in the woods to help others
Careers: Sales, Police Officer, Newspaper Reporter, Inventor, Poet, Animal Trainer, Child Care
Strengths: Compassion, Practicality, Creativity
Parenting: Protective, Nurturing
Marriage: Wants to please spouse and children
As Friend: Often has only one close friend.
Social Contributions: Inventions, Poetry, Inspiration
Expression of Love: Pleasing Others
Driving Style: Fearful or Fearless
Listening Style: Listens for what lies behind the words
Common Phrase: "No Problem"
Responds To: "Please"

What is your Birth Order?


Cocotte said...

I'm a first born.....I looked at mine and didn't agree with a lot of the things, but this one stood out as the most true:

Marriage: Goes along with what partner wants

Husband always calls me "the get along gal."

Phyllis Renée said...

The interesting thing about this particular study of birth order is that he talks about the psychological birth order as opposed to chronological. He states that, depending on the circumstances, a person could have a different personality. For instance, if the first born had a disability and required more care, the second chuld could have the personality of a first born.

Are you confused now?

for a different kind of girl said...

I'm a first born, and while it's not all concrete, there's very much about the traits that line up with how I've gone through life. I don't think I'm a leader, though. Not in the least!

Trueself said...

I'm a first born, and for the most part as I read over the list of first born traits I could nod my head one right after another. I fit the profile.

Jeff said...

Is it significant that only first borns have responded to this?


I'm a first born, too.