Wednesday, October 08, 2008

an american carol

RL, myself, and our daughter went to see "An American Carol" last weekend. (I guess this is movie review week.) It was funny. Not as funny as it could've been, but it had some very funny parts. I was really hoping it would've been better.

There are two, ok, three reasons it fell short. First, there were a couple of parts that were pretty serious; too serious for a movie co-starring Leslie Neilson. Second, because of the serious parts the movie was kind of choppy--there wasn't a good flow. And third, if there are people who aren't up on both sides of politics (like my daughter) most of the comedy is going to go right over their heads. Brandi actually fell asleep!

This is one of those films, as RS mentioned, that you want to do well at the box office, because there really needs to be more of the other side (as opposed to the "left" side) portrayed in movies. Sadly, though there were many well known actors in this movie, it could've been so much better.


for a different kind of girl said...

I'd heard nothing about this movie until late the night before it was to be released, when I saw a commercial for it. I'm not even sure it's even playing here. The Chris Farley-lite was a bit 'eh' to see.

Cocotte said...

It got a terrible review in the paper here. But I agree, there needs to be more than left-winger movies made all the time. Although who wants to see movies starring Ted Nugent and Steven Baldwin?

Digger Jones said...

I think this one gets put on my Blockbuster list. Or possibly Netflix, if I ever join. I had heard about this movie and the fact that it was made by Hollywood people who were more conservatively oriented. But thanks for posting a review of this. I don't get to see many movies, so I live vicariously through the viewing habits of others.

And it was seeing "The Shack" on your book list that finally got me to read that one.