Friday, September 26, 2008

one lucky guy

I haven't really posted anything about our trip to Hawaii. Really, it was a great vacation, but what can I tell ya? We enjoyed the beach, the sun, the great weather, romantic evenings, and no kids!! It was paradise. But there is one part that really stands out.

The whole vacation was a result of a timeshare we purchased a few years ago. So, because this was at a different resort, we were supposed to check in with the sales office to tour the resort and get some free stuff and/or discounts on restaurants and such.

We had been on the beach all morning, stopped by the bar on the way to the sales office, and had, of course, a Mai-Tai. Have I ever mentioned that I really don't drink and have a very low tolerance to alcohol? Well, I don't and I do. By the time we made it to the sales office I was feeling really good. My nose starts to feel numb and I get this warm fuzzy feeling all over.

Anyway, we start talking to the salesman and I'm sitting there trying to be all attentive and business-like. But this guy is a salesman! Talks 90 miles a second and I'm starting to feel a little dizzy. So to pay closer attention, I start poppin off comments just as fast as they pop into my head. I don't remember a lot of what I said, but he was in stitches.

After RL explained I had a Mai-Tai, the salesman says, "One Mai-Tai?? You're one lucky man!"


Desmond Jones said...

Well I'm certain that he is, but for more reasons than just your low alcohol tolerance, eh?

Cocotte said...

That's actually a pretty cute story. I'm very happy for you both, that you got away.

for a different kind of girl said...

Hilarious! I get this way after one glass of wine now, so I can only imagine what a Mai Tai would do for me!

Tulipsanticipation said...

Haha!! My husband actually has a lower tolerance level than I do. It must be from the 2 years of living by myself and ending my Friday's working in the restaurant with a couple Swisher Sweets and drinks. Even now whenever I work a Friday night, that's the only way to unwind, minus the smokes now though since hubby doesn't like me doing that.

But it's so funny when he gets tipsy from just one hard cider!