Tuesday, July 22, 2008

no joke

We went to see The Dark Knight over the weekend and, I must say, it was a really good movie. I would almost go as far as saying it was the best Batman movie. But, for me, the best performance by far was of the Joker.

I've always loved Heath Ledger, so I was anxious to see his part in The Dark Knight. Wow! His performance was exceptional. Disturbing. Fascinating. Even humorous, at times. But what made it so good is you never see him out of make up. There is one scene where the make up is a little runny and smudged off a bit, but you can really never get passed enough to see Heath Ledger.

The good thing about this (for the movie) is it makes it easy to get into the movie without being crushed with the reality of the death of this actor. It helps to make it ok to enjoy the movie. You are taken in by his ability to be a believeable sociopathic lunatic.

If you want to remember Heath Ledger go rent A Knight's Tale. If you want to see his acting ability, go see The Dark Knight.


Sailor said...

I haven't seen Dark Knight yet, but it's in the plans for tonight or tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to it

for a different kind of girl said...

I've always enjoyed Heath Ledger's work, and he's truly perfectly absorbed in his character in The Dark Knight. When I watched it, it was like seeing this ammoral character you're supposed to dislike, but you see something deeper in him that makes him almost likable, or at least left understanding, on some level, why he's this remorseless character.

However, it's his acting in Brokeback Mountain that still is so amazing. I love that movie, and the pain and heartbreak you feel conveyed through his acting is palpable. It's a shame that we'll never see how bright a star he could have become.

Buttafly32681 said...

I've never really been a "star wars, superman, spiderman or batman" kind of girl... BUT I have known way to many people who have come back and said GREAT things about this movie... I have to go see it.

Therese in Heaven said...

I liked him in the Patriot, but A Knight's Tale is one of my least favorite movies. Ever.

I'm looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight tomorrow!

C-Marie said...

I finally went the other night to see The Dark Knight - not that I'm a fan of all the Superheros out on the big screen but it certainly was action packed. Heath Ledger's role in this was amazing. Would The Dark Knight get the reviews it has received without him?

I've always loved Heath Ledger and that love affair started with his role in A Knight's Tale.. and I will agree with FADKOG, that it was his incredible performance in Brokeback Mountain. Amazing.

aphron said...

I liked the the Dark Knight, but it wasn't great. It was enjoyable and worth the ticket price, but I enjoyed other movies more. I agree that Heath Ledger stole the show. He was the Joker. Overall, the movie was good. I think it's breaking records due to a) not much competition, b) Heath Ledger's death, and lastly, c) a good movie. I mean, common, Lord of the Rings was far better.

As for his acting, I agree that A Knight's Tale was an awful movie. I couldn't sit though it. I didn't see Brokeback Mountain. I've heard he outdid himself there.