Monday, June 30, 2008

blog swap 2008

This is a couple of days late, but that was my fault. I checked my email one last time Friday evening, but because I'm such an old lady I was in bed before C-Marie sent her post for the the blog swap. Then, of course, I didn't check my mail all weekend. So now for your enjoyment is C-Marie's guest post . . . .

It's definitely an ice breaker and a good opportunity to explore other blogs that may not be on the blogroll. This doesn't discount in any way at all, that they are less readable. Some blogs have less in common with what I write about but sadly, a great number of them are very similar to mine.

I chose my blog for venting - there wasn't a good enough way to do that in my real world and writing about it was even a better choice. Writing about it was one thing and then letting it all go public, was another. It was a scary but daring moment for me. It's been over 3 years now and even though my posting is somewhat different and infrequent, I can't seem to end it altogether.

I tried to end my blog once but I kept finding myself back at it wanting to write. Wanting to share. Wanting to vent. It was a great thing to have so much in common with people I didn't even know and perhaps would never know outside this realm, but yet, I felt like I had known them all along. There were so many others with the same struggles and frustrations I was experiencing. I felt at home here.

As the last couple of years played out I felt that I had grown a bit through the blog. Perhaps growing out of those things I wrote so many times about. I was tired of trying to change something that wasn't going to change. It wasn't in my power to do so. I became more complacent, more accepting and less agonized over my personal plight. Don't get me wrong, that didn't always mean that I understood or wasn't angered by it. I just got tired of re-writing it day after day - week after week. Shouldn't there be more to my life? Shouldn't there be more to share? I still contemplate on how much of it should be shared but there is more. I struggle to find the when to do just that.

I changed the title of my blog to what it stands for now. My Writings on the Bathroom Wall are simply a tribute to a thought process of how I see things recounted on my figurative walls of life. Much like graffiti. My graffiti. I may not always have anything insightful to share or come off as someone over intelligent with witty and interesting things to post about but I simply enjoy posting, in a half hazard kind of way. In fact, I've learned over the last couple of years, that I really do not enjoy talking or boasting about myself much at all. I like to listen.

The reading is the listening.

I've stopped by here from time to time and I enjoy what is written on the Phyllis Renee blog. It's positive and enlightening - and these are the places I like to go when all the other usual writings have burdened me or have layered themselves within my own difficulties.


Buttafly32681 said...

I really enjoyed this. I found that I wrote in my blog often to just vent. Even if no one responded or read it I had felt someone listened to me. I am glad I'm not the only one out there that doesn't always write Witty and funny things.

FTN said...

It's amazing how many blogs are used as places to vent frustrations. But it's also interesting to see how blogs evolve over the years, as people grow and become tired of writing about the same things!

for a different kind of girl said...

Thanks for your post. I think many of us start our blogs for such shared reasons, and they absolutely evolve as we perhaps come to realize we have to make changes in life. Mine will be a couple years old in the fall, and I really only started it as a way to get back to writing (and give a break to the one or two souls who let met spill all my words at their blogs or in chats!). A few times this season, I thought I should just shutter the thing because it felt like it was becoming a job, but in the end, I enjoy it too much, even if no one else does, and I primarily enjoy the interaction that forms among strangers you can call friends.

C-Marie said...

Awe.. that's okay. Better late than never. Now I feel complete.


Sailor said...

Great post. I find it interesting to see why people started blogging, and how many really did start for basically the same reason.

Anonymous said...

When you put it that way, I see that we have far more in common that I realized in the few posts I have had time to read.
Great introduction.

Lil Bit said...

Hey C-Marie! =)

Yeah, I think alot of us bloggers start for similar reasons as yours... and yep, we evolve into something else as we find new ways to express frustrations or new ways to just express OURSELVES, whether it be with wit or whine, lol, or however way we feel like at the time.
I, too, have stepped away from my blog (for diff reasons) TWICE now... and something pulled me right back into it. Odd world, the matrix, huh?

Great post & introduction, sweetie. =)