Tuesday, March 18, 2008

green leaves

Do you like my new layout? During my little break, I decided I needed a change. I wasn't quite sure what exactly I wanted, I just knew I wanted something different. After just a short time of browsing through hundreds of layouts on the Pyzam website, I saw this one and knew instantly this was the one!

You might think that green is my favorite color, since the previous layout was green also, and you would be correct (olive green to be more specific). But this particular layout is a picture of my name. Really, I'm not kidding. Phyllis is of Greek origin meaning a green leafy branch.

In Greek mythology, Phyllis was a woman who killed herself after her husband went away and had not returned. Where she was buried, an almond tree grew, and upon her husband's return the tree blossomed. It was believed that Phyllis had been transformed into the almond tree. Which is very interesting, because my middle name, Renée, means reborn.

What does your name mean?


XI Summit said...

Well, now that you mention it, I do like it. So now everytime I spend time in the woods (which is as often as I can) I may just think of you.


Therese in Heaven said...

The meaning of your name is really beautiful and I love your layout.

That link didn't have a meaning for either my first or middle name. Both are from the Old Testament, but my middle name is found only in a deutero-canonical portion.

kindof_agirl said...

I love the green. It's one of my favorite colors.

My name is a derived from a French goddess, and apparently, I am a goddess of wine.

Which I almost typed as 'whine,' which would make more sense, really.

Sailor said...

I am "Beloved", followed by "from laurentum" which is a place with laurel trees, apparently.

So I'm very beloved by trees, or I love the woods a lot, I'm not sure. Perhaps both?

Little Town Big Life said...

Ok, I'll let you in on the meaning of my names(s)

First name means All Honey

Middle name Depends on the source either "perfect one" or "bitter" Boy-those are close!!!

XI Summit said...

oh, forgot the middle. I be: Peace of Scotland.

P.S.- I know your secret

Trueself said...

First Name: The Lord is Gracious
Middle Name: Star of the Sea

Interesting, I never knew that.

Anonymous said...

That was interesting.

My first name came up as 'free landholder', and my middle name came up as 'meadow'. What were my parents thinking?