Saturday, December 08, 2007

52 naughty nights

Sometime around the first of the year . . . Well, actually, come to think of it, it was back around Valentine's Day, RL and I were wanting to spice things up a bit. Not that things were boring (how could it be boring?), but just to add a little something to the soup, so to speak. We decided to go to . . . um . . . the convenience store (yeah, that's what I'm calling it) and see if we could find something fun, inexpensive, and that we both would enjoy.

First, let me just say, going to the store together was itself a little adventure (for me anyway). It made me feel like an innocent teen again. I mean, oh my gosh! There was just so much to choose from. So many spices! It was kind of difficult to make a choice. And I guess it was obvious, because after several minutes of walking around the store pointing and snickering to ourselves, the nice young lady behind the counter came over to ask if she could offer some assistance.

Now, I'm all about customer service. Good customer service. I would give this young lady an A+ in customer service. You cannot believe how knowledgeable she was about the products, their quality, and . . . um . . . performance. I mean, she even explained how beneficial these products had been for her. Can you imagine: "Now this [item] is really nice for when you want . . . And, oh, I love this [item] . . . My boyfriend really likes these [items] . . . We also have some silicone [oils] just for her. They're waterproof and great in the shower." She knew just about everything there was to know about everything in the store.

Anyway, after looking around we found some games. Well, this looked interesting (and inexpensive), so after looking over a few we decided to get a set of cards: 52 cards for her and 52 cards for him in a set. The description boasts fun for each week of the year. The idea is for each person to (there's a two player limit :o) draw a card each week and, sometime during that week, follow the instructions on the back of the card. The instructions? Well, it could be something that she might do right away for him or it might be something he might have to wait to do to surprise her.

It is now week 50 of the year 2007 and we have drawn about 4 cards each. Really! It's difficult to play this game when RL is out of town so much. And I think the instructions are a little more difficult for him to follow than they are for me. Not that he doesn't understand them, but that they just involve a little more effort and, sometimes, preparation. But, oh, it has been fun playing, planning, and anticipating!


Sailor said...

That's fun, to go and shop at the (what did you call it? Oh yeah, the Convenience store) together.

My wife and I have done that together several times now, and that alone has been a nice bit of spice. ;)

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of shopping at the convenience store is learning more about what interests my wife.
I gotta admit, we probably wouldn't be able to do all 52 cards either.

FTN said...

Ah yes, there are a number of us around these parts that have tried the very-similar "101 Nights of Grrreat Sex" book, which has cards for him and for her. In my case, we did a few of them, but the vast majority of them, my wife just wasn't comfortable with. When a good portion of, um, sexual practices are completely off-limits, it makes following a lot of the instructions difficult. But there were some really nice ideas in the book.

I think Taja, myself, and a few others have had similar luck with that book... So you'll find lots of sympathy here. Although it sounds like yours is more a lack of time than a lack of enthusiasm?

XI Summit said...

Eh, Queenie doesn't do 'Convenience Stores' and certainly wouldn't use nothing that came from one. The closest was one time when she got something that was written like a children's book from B&N and even that, using child-like references, was too much for her.

Kudos to you and RL for stepping out and having some fun. Four a year means you've got 12 more years of fun to be had .... Enjoy!

Confused Husband said...

I SOO wish that I could get SR to enter a convenience store. It's been about 4-5 years since we last stepped into one. *sigh*

We have tried to do the whole "spice things up" bit though. About 10 years ago we bought both 101 nights of grreat sex and 101 nights of grreat romance. We've torn one page out of the first book and that was it.

Desmond Jones said...

Molly just never would do the 'convenience store' thing. I mean, I could try and surprise her, and we'd pull into the parking lot, and it'd be, "oh, I don't THINK so. . ."

Besides, I'd have absolutely no, uh, appetite for any conversation with the sweet young salesperson touting the wonders of some flavored lube. That's why I do all my, uh, 'convenience' shopping online. . .

See, Molly doesn't mind the see-thru chemises, or crotchless panties, or Divine lubes, or what-have-you. She just doesn't want to talk about it with some stranger younger than our kids. . .

And geez. . . only 52?


for a different kind of girl said...

I went off into a little daydream there for a bit when I wondered what it might be like to have an *inexpensive* convenience store around.

We've shopped at a convenience store from time to time. We've dropped a chunk of change, we've tried to leave without buying anything. We've done the whole "this is too much information" conversations with the staff. Every time is an experience.

We've got the book FTN mentioned. Good in theory. Now it's a nice closet decoration. We also have the cards. We went off on a tangent with them for quite awhile, and then my husband forgot them a lot and they fell by the wayside.

Ron Burgundy said...

Nice post. My wife and I call "spicing up the soup" - adding toppings to the pizza. (Thus the title to my blog).