Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Saturday my husband took me out to get my Mother's Day gift. I had to go with him, because he wanted to get me some plants and he wanted me to pick them out. He had seen some hibiscus at Home Depot, but wasn't sure what size and color I wanted.

We went to the Home Depot closest to the house, but their plants looked as though no one had been taking care of them. Which is surprising, because usually their plants are very nice. I hated to drive all the way out to the the other store, but I also didn't want to settle for some sickly plants that I was going to have to nurse back to health.

I was so glad we decided to go to the other store! We found a couple of hibiscus that were perfect: lush, green leaves and lots of buds. We also found a hybrid rose tree that is full of buds. Be ready for lots of pictures as soon as they bloom.
These, and the picture from the previous post, are my yellow roses. I only had five roses bloom this year and they bloomed one at a time. These are pictures of the last to bloom. There would have been six roses, but the rabbits ate one before it had a chance.


Andrea* said...

I agree with Home Depot/ Lowe's plants! They aren't the best at all! I like a local nursery here, I have 2 rose bushes side by side, and the one from the nursery is 3 times the size with 3 times the blooms!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh I LOVE those roswes..I looked at the previous post and THAT is a gorgeous picture. Years and years ago I took about 1000 photographs of Roses from two different friends gardens...many close ups like that yellow one...There is something so incredibly beautiful about 'The Rose' isn't there? I'm glad you found some really good healthy beautiful plants, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I really appreciate it.

Lisa said...

Do you know how difficult it is to grow roses? It is a gift - I have killed multiple rose bushes. The pic of the rose getting ready to bloom is completely beautiful.