Sunday, February 19, 2006

killer rabbits

I've always thought rabbits were so cute. Sometimes we'd see them running and hopping through my Grandma's garden when I was a kid and we'd get so excited. But this year has changed all that. Yeah, sure, they're cute. But don't let them fool you . . . they're killers!

Apparently a neighbor of ours has some rabbits for pets. But instead of containing them in their own yard, they have decided that it is better to let them run free in the neighborhood. This is all well and fine until these stupid rabbits proceeded to eat all of my flowers -- even down to the roots!

And there's no way to stop them. I'd almost have to put up a completely new fence or put fencing around the gardens, but they'd probably still tunnel their way in. Well, we've had some other ideas of how to get rid of them, but I just can't bring myself to do it.


Jameson Early Inc. said...

Rabbits will chew anything.. ANYTHING I tell ya! I wish I knew a way to ward them off.. but I don't.. I always liked them. heh.

I haven't gone far, btw... I'll still be bloggin' for the most part.. if I ever get the time!

jerry-is-stoke said...

OH, look at that cute thing,,, I want to cuddle it..

Jameson Early Inc. said...'s funny.. OCD has been brought to my attention many times. The way I keep the home sparkling- or try to.. the way I will rush to the carwash & vac out my vehicle if there's a few specks of grass on the carpet.. it's just me.. I'm overly clean, overly organized... OCD. yeh.

Moreso than that, I'm wondering about what's going on with Roxy Roo.. she's cast some sort of spell on me that makes me do things I wouldn't ordinarily do.