Friday, January 13, 2006

one day at a time

It's an old cliché, but it is something that I'm learning to do; take one day at a time. I've always been the type of person who would try to figure everything out all at once and then feel overwhelmed because I couldn't. There are just some things that take time. Some things have to be thought through, worked out slowly, and eventually it does work out.

But that takes patience. And when I'm feeling completely overwhelmed there isn't a lot of patience to be found. I have to constantly tell myself everything's going to be okay, it'll all work out, be patient, take one day at a time. Sometimes it even works.

The really hard part is not procrastinating. Everytime I blow off doing something I know I really need to do, it's still there to be done the next day . . . along with all the other stuff. But I've found if I just go ahead and do it (balance the checkbook, make that phone call, hang up those clothes) it's so liberating. The overwhelming feelings are lifted and I can breathe again.

This week has been one roller coaster ride after another. But here I am. It's Friday. I made it through another week. All I can do is take care of today, put the past behind me, and let tomorrow worry about itself.

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Jameson Early Inc. said...

Did ya ever want to just run away to Mexico????

I don't wanna end up like everyone- who gets a job, and just hangs around this town... spends the rest of his days under the gun. Desperately trying to convince himself that these are all the cards life will deal- cause I've got my life and I've got my dreams that I won't let this wicked world steal. -m.mclure