Sunday, October 23, 2005

my mom, my aunt, and me

Today I should be in church, but can hardly walk. My daughter, Brandi, and I helped my Aunt with a garage sale yesterday of things that were my Mom's. Brandi was very helpful, even climbed into the attic to bring down boxes full of books and things that my Mom had stored. It was only semi-difficult to go through the things, because most of them had no real memory for me. I only knew the things had been Mom's and were taking up a lot of storage space.

Crafts, crafts, and more crafts. Mom had always been crafty, but it wasn't until the end of her life that she finished projects and actually sold them. I'm sure it was out of necessity, though. She and her husband made all sorts of things, from extravagantly beaded necklaces to turkey jerky. They'd travel back and forth from here to Arizona, going to craft shows and selling their wares to supplement what little income they had.

What was most difficult was not seeing the things my Mom had made. The pillows that were embellished with ribbon embroidery. Those, previously mentioned, beaded necklaces, and other things I'm sure she did well and sold. There were boxes and boxes of fabric, beads, lace, patterns and such, but none of the projects themselves.

But the day was wonderful, even so. I spent some overdue quality time with my Aunt and remembered my Mom. I hate that it's still so difficult for me to even write about. I think of us as we sat there talking and laughing and how Mom would have enjoyed that time too. (I get a lump in my throat and tears start rolling down my face and I have to stop typing so I can wipe them away.)

As I sat there with my Aunt, the thought occured to me that we inherited each other when Mom died. I've tried to form sentences that could articulate what I mean by that, but nothing seems to be accurate. Simply put, we're both like my Mom, but in different ways with our own personalities mixed in. As I talk with, laugh with, and listen to my Aunt I not only discover more of who she is, but I'm also reminded of my Mom. I imagine it is the same for my Aunt.