Wednesday, October 19, 2005

group initiative

A few years ago I participated in a challenge (or ropes) course with a group of my friends. At the beginning of the course we were asked to agree to the Full Value Contract (FVC). The purpose of the FVC is to create a supportive, encouraging, and safe environment for everyone participating. Sometimes I feel the world would be a better place if everyone agreed to live by the FVC:

Challenge by Choice - Each challenge will be attempted by your own choice. You will be encourage to at least attempt the challenge. But if you choose not to participate you will not be ridiculed by anyone.

Stop Rule - Anytime you feel uncomfortable about a challenge or feel that you or someone else is not safe, say "STOP!"

No Discounting or Dark Humor - Don't make remarks that would discount the efforts of others or make light of the difficulties of the challenges.

100% Rule - Give your 100%. At some points of the challenge your 100% may seem different than that of someone else due to the heat, illness or physical ability. Give your 100% and trust everyone else is too.

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George Washington's Ghost said...

I appreciate what you have to say about giving your "100%".

In the revolutionary war, those who only gave 95% drown in the Deleware.

You will note that they were not in the painting.