Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Business of Life

I've gone through a lot of changes over the past six years: Divorce, retirement, starting 2 (TWO) businesses, discovering I have Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, and finding love. Not in that order. So I have a lot on my mind a lot of the time. Coming back to the blogsphere seemed like a good idea. But the problem is, I don't have time for this!

However, I do have a blog for my business (Confident Life Coaching) and I'm never using it anymore. Maybe I should use the time I find to write on that blog. It would be pretty much the same things (the "life" things) that I've written about here.

So, how about it? Would those of you still reading give me your thoughts?


Xavier said...

Wow, I guess a lot has changed for you in these few years, hopefully for the better? i look forward to hearing all about it ;-)

As far as the either/or on the blogs, how's about I go with a nebulous answer? What are you thinking of blogging about? Reading through that blog and knowing what's in this one, they have fairly distinct and somewhat differing themes to them. That blog is more inspiration than personal and this one is far more personal so I guess it depends on where you wish to go from here.

Phyllis Renée said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Xavier.

Xavier said...

You've got me stuck on the edge of my seat .... :)

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